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A brand new, innovative design that is the Gold Standard in Lift Pit Management and Maintenance. 

We get the basics right to keep you safe, dry and moving.


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Pitsafe is the culmination of over 20 years of structural waterproofing expertise, coupled with unparalleled market and product knowledge:  its multi-strain approach provides a resilient and forward-thinking lift pit waterproofing methodology.


Pitsafe’s unique ability to be installed during build phase or retro-fitted means that, whatever your lift pit’s age or stage of life, it won’t be left behind.  With Pitsafe, it’s never too late to fix a problem.


Developed in consultation with insurers, property managers and government and industry bodies, Pitsafe’s ground-breaking design promotes the best-practice of all stakeholders. As a Pitsafe customer, your peace of mind comes first:  we will provide you with a solution which is fully considered, consistent and compliant.



Humans are 60% water, your lift pit shouldn't be.



By deploying Pitsafe technology, moisture and mechanics can be effectively distanced, reducing operational downtimes improving user reliability.


The Pitsafe solution eradicates the risk of water coming into contact with the mechanical or electrical workings of the lift system, reducing the likelihood of costly Public Liability claims.  Meanwhile, in environments with more vulnerable residents, Pitsafe allows access for vital medical and domiciliary care to be maintained.


Pitsafe’s innovative design allows lift owners and managing agents to meet their legal requirement to ensure that lifts and lift pits are maintained to a safe standard. By making sure that oil and water can never meet, Pitsafe’s revolutionary approach places the environmental risk of managing waste oil firmly back into the hands of the qualified professionals. 


Pitsafe’s capacity to be retro-fitted into existing lift pits with relative ease and speed means we can get you back up and running in no time, without inflated re-build costs or frustrating delays.

Fixing things from the bottom, up.

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