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Sometimes buildings go wrong

We’re here for you when things go wrong. 

Damp can exist in many forms in the home; it’s often misdiagnosed or misunderstood. There are a number of different types of damp that can affect your property. The good news for you is that we specialise in eliminating all of them.

Condensation – A lack of ventilation in a property will cause condensation issues;

Rising Damp – Damp that comes from the land upon which the building exists;

Leaks – Water pipe leaks above and below ground;

Water Ingress – Water leaks caused by failed seals and casings;

Penetrating Damp – The end result of water successfully penetrating from the outside of a building and into your property, often caused by poor mortar and ageing brick-work.


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Timber Defects


Many buildings are timber framed; as such any failure or defects in that timber can have serious consequences for the building’s overall structural integrity.

There are two main types of defect that can affect the timber in your property and we know just how to eradicate both of them.

Dry/wet rot – Water that soaks into the timber can over time destroy its strength and integrity.

Woodworm – A pest issue that causes the timbers to literally be eaten away

Structural Defects


Your property can experience issues relating to its structural integrity and foundations. We specialise in repairing, eliminating and preventing structural failures.

Underpinning – Where a building may experience issues with the foundation, we can underpin and build strength back into the structure.

Crack Stitching – The process of repairing cracks that appear when the structural reliability of a building has been compromised.