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If you are experiencing damp issues within your property, you are not alone.  Damp in properties causes misery for thousands of people in Britain, with recent statistics suggesting that 6% of the entire housing stock of the UK suffers from damp.

Damp is caused the build-up of excess moisture within a building, either from internal condensation or ingress from the exterior of the property.  Damp problems can appear rapidly, following a heavy downpour, or might present slowly due to a leaky gutter, damaged roof tiles or lead flashing.  What most damp problems have in common is that you’ll only become aware of them when the obvious symptoms appear – a wet patch on the wall, bubbling plater and paintwork or swollen, rotten wood fittings.

Our specialist Damp Surveys all undertaken by Chartered Surveyors who hold the benchmark CSRT (Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatments) and CSSW (Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing) qualifications.  They will assess and correctly diagnose the extent and type of damp within your property, providing you with tailored recommendations on the most effective ways to treat the specific damp problem in your property


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Drainage Design


We design, build and maintain drainage systems for commercial and residential properties to maximise the environment and space available, whilst meeting the drainage needs of the property.

Waterproofing Design


There are huge changes afoot in the way that we approach waterproofing design for underground structures. Working to BS8102 standards, our waterproofing design specialists will collaborate with your architect and structural engineer to create an integrated waterproofing solution.

Party Wall


The Party Wall Act of 1996 exists to enable those who share a wall or boundary to understand and exercise their rights when it comes to making any alterations.  As members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, we help you to understand, exercise and protect those rights when undertaking any construction or improvement work to your property.

Feasibility Studies


From producing feasibility studies for new developments to assessing the structural stability of an existing building, our qualified surveyors bridge the gap between design, ambition and real-world constraints to produce an efficient and workable solution every time.

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Whatever the issues, Crownstone’s specialist surveyors can identify damp problems inside and outside of your property, diagnosing the extent of the affected area, the specific type of damp which is presenting and the most suitable solution to remediate it.

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